The Sosoeasy adware is designed to show noxious advertisements on targeted computers. Therefore when your PC is affected, it will cause tons of ads to appear on screen. Also when you visit any website, Ads by Sosoeasy would all of sudden pop-up out of nowhere. Although this malware dose not pose a high level threat to your system but still it is a security risk therefore it must be eliminated soon.

Sosoeasy virus can attach itself to web browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla firefox or Internet explorer. It then tracks user data and steals personal information which is used for spamming. As a result, victims start to receive bunch of unwanted ads popping up all over the screen. Sosoeasy ads may represent you fake coupon codes or vouchers to avail discount on online shopping. But those tricks ads are actually fake and they do not have any benefit for users. There are various clones of this program that get into a computer through internet downloads such as free apps, gaming toolbars etc. Such applications are capable of bypassing your security scan, they can infiltrate into your device without your consent.

Normally using an antivirus wont help you get rid of Sosoeasy malware. To remove this malicious program, you need to run an anti-malware or adware removal tool. Also you can do that manually by uninstalling Sosoeasy app and its components.