Ads by dns Unlocker or also known as Ads by DNSUnlocker belongs to the group of adware viruses that are created to show unwanted advertisements. This malicious software is able to hijack Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer type browsers. By installing its vicious addons and plugins, it controls your web surfing experience and determines what sort of content you will see.

Mostly such programs place irrelevant ads on any webpage accessed from affected PC. For instance, you may find random coupon offers while shopping on Those annoying coupons codes would just pop-up on screen out of nowhere. As you can see in the image below:

ads by dns unlocker malware remove

As you can clearly see in the image above that shopping Deals by are strangely appearing on Amazon. Actually those ads are caused by the malicious Ads by dns Unlocker application which has compromised the browser. Typically its advertisements are aimed to make users download additional suspicious applications. But sometimes its ads may direct you to fraudulent websites that sell nothing but steal your money.

How Ads by dns Unlocker works:

This piece of junk uses invisible tricks to get into your device which means it can be installed without your permission. Soon after installation is complete, it occupies system resources and tracks your browsing. Usually it displays ads based on victim`s search and web history. This trick makes Ads by dns Unlocker look interesting. However, we recommend you not to fall for those misleading ads. Clicking them will lead you to corrupt webpages or it will bring harmful files to your system.

  • It makes your system and browser run slower; webpages take more time to load
  • Unexpected advertisements start to popup all of sudden
  • Tricky promotions appear on screen that are too promising to believe
  • Undesired applications such as toolbars or addons may download automatically
  • How to remove Ads by dns Unlocker virus

    The video shows manual removal procedure.

    To remove this malware using a tool, download one from the links below.

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    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.