What is Search.funmovietabsearch.com virus:

It is actually a browser hijacker that can alter your current Internet settings without your consent. Although it may not look so scary at first but infact it is a real threat to your device. First of all, it infiltrates into computers with the help of trojans or downloader applications. Therefore freeware downloads offered on internet are mainly responsible for spreading this malware.

As soon as you have this bug, it will change your current homepage of Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer (Recently it has also been detected on Safari). It can manipulate with system resources to compromise your antivirus so you wont get notification when this malicious program enters into your device. From here onwards, it will start to divert your websearches and web links to unexpected locations. Mostly it causes your search results or web links to redirect to Search.funmovietabsearch.com or http://Search.funmovietabsearch.com instead of the page you were expecting to see. This notorious trick is aimed to divert online users to spamful or fraudulent web portals owned by cyber criminals. Apparently when you are automatically sent to an undesired site, this means your privacy and everything is on risk. We strongly recommend you to take immediate step to block such malicious activities on your system.

Symptoms and possible risks of having this malware:

  • It causes frequent URL redirects
  • IT can change your homepage, default search engine or other Internet Settings without your permission
  • You may receive bunch of unwanted advertisements that would either pop-up on screen or they would appear as In-Text ads on webpages you visit
  • Some undesired applications and toolbars may automatically download causing system to run slower then normal
  • This nasty application has potential to lead users to fraudulent webpages and steal their money or personal information
  • It can work as a downloader malware that will bring additional viruses to your machine
  • How to get rid of Search.funmovietabsearch.com virus

    You can remove Search.funmovietabsearch.com virus manually from your device or you can use an automatic malware removal tool that can eliminate it.
    For manual removal:

    1: Go to Control Panel and find the Programs and Feature or Uninstall Programs wizard.
    Inside the programs list, find out any suspicious browser add on, toolbar and click Uninstall.

    2: Now go to your web browser`s settings (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer).
    Navigate to Extensions and also to Plugins and then Uninstall any suspicious or unknown file that you did not intentionally install.

    3: Open Documents and Settings folder, remove/delete any folder or files linked to Search.funmovietabsearch.com

    Automatic Removal

    To remove this virus automatically, we recommend you to install one of the following tools.


    Anti-Malware + Anti-Spyware for free. 1 User 3 PC’s for $39.95.

    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.