What is Cerber Ransomware virus

It is a really annoying and harmful application that can put a fake lock on your system. Once installed, it claims to have encrypted your files/personal data. Then it demands victims to pay a few hundred bucks (random amount) in order to unlock your computer. The Cerber Ransomware will block users from open anything, it restricts access to most windows features and folder or even software installed. But actually this state of emergency is represented to convince victim that his PC is in danger so the attackers could extort money from innocent user.

Cerber Ransomware virus also has its official webpage where it shows instructions on how to pay the ransom to the attackers. Mostly it accepts payments in BitCoin currency because it is the safest way for criminals to not get caught. Thi smalware represents a scary warning notice that looks like the following:

Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted! To decrypt your files you need to buy the special software – «Cerber Decryptor». All transactions should be performed via Bitcoin network only. Within 5 days you can purchase this product at a special price: 0.750 (≈ $518). After 5 days the price of this product will increase up to: 1.500 (≈ $1036).

The tricky Cerber ransomware homepage looks like this:
P.S. They keep updating their application and webpages, so you may find differences in layout.

Besides causing troubles and blocking your system, this malicious program will keep recording your online activities. It even sneaks personal information, steals logins, credit cards and other financial details. And apparently the stolen data is uploaded to a remote server owned by hackers. Hence you shall not trust or tolerate Cerber Ransomware virus but take immediate step to eradictae this nasty app.

Update: Video tutorial showing how to remove Cerber Ransomware

Automatic Removal

Following tools are advised for automated removal of this malware.

Download MalwareBytes:

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Download SurfRight:
Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.