What is musictabsearch.com redirect virus

It is a creepy browser hijacker that maliciously enters into a computer and then takes control of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc. As soon as it occupies your device, all your webpages and search results redirect to a website named MusicTabSearch.com or http://musictabsearch.com automatically. The mentioned site pretends to be a music search portal where you can find any kind of musics or you can listen to online radio for free. But actually that is a spamful site containing a lot of advertisements, commercial contents and links to additional harmful domains. In fact it is a whole network of malicious and commercial webs that are loaded with misleading data.


Mainly people complain that their computer or browser keeps redirecting to musictabsearch.com, but there is another black side of this malware mostly not known by victims. In a background process, it keeps record of your every single step on the Net. In other words, musictabsearch.com hijacker keeps spying your machine, collects your sensitive and private information which is sent to attackers. The stolen data may include your logins, emails, financial info such as credit card or banking accounts.

How does it gets into your PC or Mobiles

The musictabsearch.com redirect virus usually comes bundled with third-party downloads such as toolbars, free games etc. Those sharp minded criminals know that most Internet users do not pay attention to terms and conditions but keep clicking on Download buttons anyway, this kind of potentially unwanted programs are already packed with third-party tools as “Additional App” but most victims do not notice it. However, musictabsearch.com malware may even get into your device when you click on a web link sent by an unknown person through email or any other messenger app. Therefor you are advised to be very careful when surfing the Internet.

Risks and Symptoms

  • Browser keeps driving you to undesired webpages
  • Random ads or unwanted content may appear on screen on inside pages
  • All of sudden, some apps may get downloaded on your machine that you did not want
  • This malware collects your information and transmits it to spammers
  • It may reroute and trick you into online frauds/scams, stealing your money
  • How to get rid of musictabsearch.com redirect virus

    We recommend you to use an automated tool to eliminate this virus.

    Automatic Removal

    To remove this malware using automated process, Following tools are advised to be used:


    Anti-Malware + Anti-Spyware for free. 1 User 3 PC’s for $39.95.

    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.