What is FilmFanatic toolbar

As the name shows, it is actually a web browser add-on but created by criminals with bad intentions. Therefore when FilmFanatic toolbar is installed on your system, you may face several troubles. Mostly it is responsible for unwanted commercial ads popping up on affected PC, poor computer/internet speed, privacy issue and further malware invasions.

At first this application may seem just a fun tool to watch movies online, but soon or later it comes to your knowledge that FilmFanatic toolbar is causing weird things. Firstly it gets installed without user`s permission. You,ll wonder how come it has been added to your browser. Actually its creators use unfair tactics such as software bundling and automated downloads to promote this toolbar. Once installation is complete, strange advertisements or promotional messages stat to appear on screen. Everytime trying to search the web or access any webpage, FilmFanatic toolbar will bring a useless page promoting random content or video sites. Besides that, it keeps record of your activities on the Internet by collecting personal information. It may capture websearch and history, logins, financial details and other sensitive data. The gathered data is then uploaded to remote servers owned by attackers. Apparently the stolen information can be used by criminals for malicious activities.


The creators of FilmFanatic Toolbar by MyWay are “MindSpark Interactive”. They have invented several other harmful applications like “EverydayManuals” and “ReadingFanatic” that cause damages.

Symptoms and Risk

  • A lot of useless and annoying film promotional ads that appear again & again
  • Web browsers may often redirect to hp.myway.com or similar sites that you did not expect to see
  • You may observe system performance decreased dramatically since FilmFanatic Toolbar malware has been installed
  • It may bring additional viruses and harmful objects yo your device
  • Steals personal information and may cause you lose money on false promotions
  • Interferes with your system settings making your computer more vulnerable to online attacks
  • How to get rid of FilmFanatic Toolbar malware

    Normally removing a toolbar application is as easy as 123, yous imply go to control panel and uninstall it. But this one is maliciously coded and protected by attackers. You may find some difficulties uninstalling this.
    To manually remove this, you must be aware of what you are going to do.
    1: Go to Control Panel and find the Programs and Feature or Uninstall Programs wizard.
    Inside the programs list, find out any suspicious browser add on, toolbar and click Uninstall.

    2: Now go to your web browser`s settings (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer).
    Navigate to Extensions and also to Plugins and then Uninstall any suspicious or unknown file that you did not intentionally install.

    3: Open Documents and Settings folder (Usually Located in C: or windows installation drive), remove/delete any folder or files linked to FilmFanatic Toolbar

    Automatic Removal

    Following tools are advised for automated removal of this malware.

    Download MalwareBytes:

    Anti-Malware + Anti-Spyware for free. 1 User 3 PC’s for $39.95.

    Download SurfRight:
    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.