What is safesurfs.net redirect malware

It is a corrupt browser extension that hijacks your internet settings and cause websearch to redirect to a malicious website safesurfs.net. The rerouted destination page is full of commercial ads. Even its advertisements are fake that trick users into fraudulent schemes. Moreover, this kind of applications are used by attackers to monitor your activities and steal sensitive private information. Therefor it should be eliminated as soon as possible.


Although you may have a powerful antivirus installed and you did not get any virus attack alert, but still your PC might be infected by safesurfs.net hijacker since it has ability to stealthily invade PCs without user`s consent. Usually this type of nasty apps are detected by anti-malware or antispyware tools. However, once installed, it will alter your current homepage, modifies DNS settings and also changes default search engine. From here onwards, you will get annoyed by continues redirects that land on http://safesurfs.net or similar websites. Those sites may pretend to be a powerful search portal to help you find best of the web but in fact they are designed to promote certain webpages and commercial content.
In Short, the safesurfs.net is a bogus site and application that is designed to distribute SPAM rather then providing any functional services.

Symptoms and Risk

  • Most common thing that happens is browser URLs frequently redirecting to safesurfs.net or other useless pages
  • You may notice your homepage and search settings have been changed without your permission
  • Random advertisements would just pop-up out of nowhere
  • Undesired application software may get installed without you accepting them
  • This hijacker diverts users to scams, online fraud, SPAMFUL portals
  • Steals sensitive information and makes system more vulnerable to attacks
  • How to get rid of safesurfs.net redirect virus

    We recommend you to use an automated tool to eliminate this virus.

    Automatic Removal

    To remove this malware using automated process, Following tools are advised to be used:


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