What is Mac Malware Warning Alert virus

Before digging deeper, we would like to say one word “FAKE” about Mac Malware Warning Alert ransomware. This malicious program is a hoax designed by cyber criminals willing to extort your money. In order to trick users into thinking that its a real warning, malware claims to belong to a branch of FBI that deals with cyber crime. Moreover it uses unfair methods of installation such as software bundling or automated downloads with the help of Trojans. As soon as it gets inside, it puts a fake lock on everything. Blocks victim from accessing most of his documents, files and data. Shortly strange but scary alerts start to popup on screen. Those warnings claims that some suspicious activity over you IP address (Internet Protocol) has been detected which may have caused a breach on network. This means your personal data/information is on risk of being hacked by criminals. It then asks the victim to contact Apple certified technician and also provides with a Toll Free number +1-844-893-1758 to be called immediately. Upon calling the mentioned numbers, victims would be instructed to pay some fee to fix the issue. Please do not trust the “Mac Malware Warning Alert” ransomware. Because it is just a hoax created to steal money from innocent users. It cannot help you in anyway, instead it displays false warnings and alerts to scare users.


Symptoms and Risks of having Mac Malware Warning Alert ransomware

  • It displays scary alerts on screen stating your system is in danger
  • This malicious program itself places harmful files or components on your device
  • Steals personal information, financial details and extorts money
  • It may bring additional scams and fraudulent programs hoping that you would pay for them too
  • How to get rid of Mac Malware Warning Alert virus

    Manual removal of this malware may cause serious damages and difficulties. For now, we recommended automated removal only.

    Following tools are advised for automated removal of this malware.

    Download MalwareBytes:

    Anti-Malware + Anti-Spyware for free. 1 User 3 PC’s for $39.95.

    Download SurfRight:
    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.