How to delete facebook message from both sides

The big Blue social media giant Facebook is no doubt an addictive app but sometimes it becomes a pain of life especially when you are regretting over sent messages. It has been a myth for long time on how to permanently delete facebook messages you sent to other people. The actual problem was how to remove them from both sides; from your inbox and also from other person`s inbox. Infact we still have not found such a method in which you can remove other people`s chat history but there is a trick that will help you block your friend from seeing the messages you sent to them in past. This method will cause you to permanently forget your account, i mean you wont be able to use your account ever again.


Lets get Started.
Before following the procedure, you must keep in mind that:

  • Your account will be put in unverified state so you wont be able to use it again
  • You must not verify you account or the deleted messages would start to reappear in other person`s inbox; if they have not deleted yet
  • You must backup your data, photos or anything that matters to you before getting started
  • We do not promise any guarantee for this trick to work, but we tried this on multiple accounts and it worked
  • How to delete facebook messages from other people’s inbox

    Step 1: create a fake email address with Gmail, Youtube or any one.
    Step 2:Now login to your Facebook account from which you sent messages to other people.
    Step 3Go to Settings
    Step 4Click At Mobile and remove you mobile number, make sure no phone number has been registered against your facebook account


    Step 5:Click on GENERAL settings and then click ADD NEW EMAIL. Now there you add your newly created email such as


    Step 6:Open your email, verify the newly registered email address
    Step 7:Again go to Facebook General settings and now select the Newly verified email address as Primary Contact email.
    Step 8:Now you should delete your old email address that was registered in facebook previously
    Step 9 Now Go to Gmail (or any of your email provider) login with your new email address (i.e And now DELETE your account from SETTINGS of EMAIL Provider (Gmail or any that you use). Even if you cannot perform the STEP 9, its ok, but its good to do this one.
    Step 10:Now send Friend Requests to as many people as you can from your fb account. Also post website links, and spamful comments on pages and more. This will cause your account to get Locked. Once your account has been locked by Facebook, you,ll be asked to prove your identity and verify your email. But at this time you are advised to not verify your facebook account and leave it there forever. Hopefully Facebook will not show your posts, photos and messages unless you verify your account.

    This message will appear in other person`s inbox when they try to see chat history with you:

    This message has been removed because the sender’s account requires verification