The or redirect virus is a creepy browser hijacker that will reroute your system to malicious webpages. It is type of a malicious extension that somehow gets attached to Google chrome, Mozilla or Internet explorer. Soon after its invasion, your web browser starts to perform strange and unexpected functions.Mostly you will notice your websearch or homepage leading to http:/ or similar websites that are stuffed with a lot of commercial ads. In the beginning it may not seem like a real threat but soon or later you realize that virus is actually causing troubles. It reduces system speed and affects Internet too. As this little app is created by spammers, it will constantly drive you to commercial webpages that would ask you to participate in different shopping schemes.

There are bunch of things that can get your device attacked by malware. foremost, freeware downloads and emails containing web links or attachments from unknown senders are responsible for distribution of hijacker. Once it gets inside your system, it can record your browsing history and other sensitive information which is then uploaded to attackers. According to security experts, these nasty malware work as data stealing and transmitting agents. Whatsmore, they work in a background process so most victims are totally unaware of whats going on in there computer. With the advent of technology and growing usage of smart phones, virus and its variants are sufficient to attack Android and IOS devices too.

Symptoms and Risk

  • Most common thing that happens is browser URLs frequently redirecting to or other useless pages
  • You may notice your homepage and search settings have been changed without your permission
  • Random advertisements would just pop-up out of nowhere
  • Undesired application software may get installed without you accepting them
  • This hijacker diverts users to scams, online fraud, SPAMFUL portals
  • Steals sensitive information and makes system more vulnerable to attacks
  • How to get rid of redirect virus

    We recommend you to use an automated tool to eliminate this virus.

    Automatic Removal

    To remove this malware using automated process, Following tools are advised to be used:


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