The Distromatic virus is a potentially unwanted malware that is designed by criminals to achieve malicious targets. This harmful object can sneak into your computers and destroys your machine as much as possible. First of all the Distromatic virus uses bundling method to reach your deice. In this case, the malware as bundled with a third-party software, typically toolbars, online games or torrents etc. After getting inside, the hidden packager will occupy your system, changes current DNS settings and in some cases blocks the victim PC completely. As a result, victims may suffer from strange problems such as web browsers redirecting to spamful websites, annoying messages and alerts from Distromatic application appearing on screen. The malware is even capable of disabling your system security thus your antivirus wont be able to notify you of invasion anymore. Besides that, Distromatic malware starts sniffing your personal information to be sent out to hackers. It collects individual data, tracks browsing history and websearch data along with financial details. In short, this nasty application is totally a disaster that does not belong to your computer, therefore it must be eliminated soon before it causes severe damages.

How can one get infected by Distromatic virus

Well, there are lots of reasons one can get hit by a computer malware. Also hackers keep trying to invent or discover new methods to approach their prey. Anyhow, some most common things that can get you affected are listed below.

  • Distromatic virus can be downloaded without knowing together with a third-party tool as it is usually bundled with freeware apps
  • Removable USB disks without having them scanned
  • Spam emails with web links or attachments from unknown senders
  • Torrents and similar cracked software downloaded from random webpages on Internet
  • What are Symptoms and possible risks of having Distromatic virus

  • It causes unstoppable pop-up or pop-under windows filled with advertisements
  • Frequent toolbars and gaming applications may get downloaded without your permission
  • System performance may decrease and Internet may run super slower then usual
  • You may find ads matching with your interests, this happens because the malware already has knowledge of your favorites and interests because it is tracking your activities
  • It may cause data loss, identity theft, loss of money or cyber attacks on your system
  • Although Distromatic is mostly installed on a computer against user`s will, though it has its own official webpage where anyone can download it. You are strongly recommended to be careful when installing or surfing the Internet to avoid accidental or intentional installation of such malicious programs.

    How to get rid of Distromatic virus

    To manually remove this, you must be aware of what you are going to do.
    1: Go to Control Panel and find the Programs and Feature or Uninstall Programs wizard.
    Inside the programs list, find out any suspicious browser add on, toolbar and click Uninstall.

    2: Now go to your web browser`s settings (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer).
    Navigate to Extensions and also to Plugins and then Uninstall any suspicious or unknown file that you did not intentionally install.

    3: Open Documents and Settings folder (Usually Located in C: or windows installation drive), remove/delete any folder or files linked to Distromatic

    Automatic Removal

    To remove this malware automatically, Following tools are best:


    Anti-Malware + Anti-Spyware

    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.