The notorious Counterflix ads virus is basically a corrupt malware application that can harm your computer and bring unwanted stuff such as advertisements, spamful messages etc. It is linked to a network of cyber criminals lurking on internet to steal your money. Typically the Counterflix ads app gets into a machine together with third-party software. In such case users install a freeware program from Internet but they do not pay attention to the agreement that says “Install Counterflix”. Anyhow, once inside your PC, this piece of application will hijack web browsers like Google chrome or Firefox. It stealthily modifies basic settings, enrouts homepage to a malicious website, change default websearch system and more.

There are many disadvantages of having ads by Counterflix virus, it displays countless (and useless) advertisements on your screen labeled as “Powered by Counterflix ads”. It may divert your web browsers to unexpected websites that are loaded with spam. Moreover, this sort of apps are used to track victim`s browsing habits, collect personal information and transmit the stolen data to attackers. In other words, Counterflix ads mean you are at a high risk of revealing your sensitive information to hackers.

This group of malware is active for years, since the advent of online marketing. But with the ages it has become more and more dangerous. You are advised to uninstall Counterflix ads manually or do a complete malware scan to automatically eradicate this bug.

What are Symptoms and possible risks of having Ads By PDF Viewer or chrome pdf viewer popup Virus virus

  • It causes unstoppable pop-up or pop-under windows filled with advertisements
  • Frequent toolbars and gaming applications may get downloaded without your permission
  • System performance may decrease and Internet may run super slower then usual
  • You may find ads matching with your interests, this happens because the malware already has knowledge of your favorites and interests because it is tracking your activities
  • It may cause data loss, identity theft, loss of money or cyber attacks on your system
  • Although Ads by Counterflix Virus is mostly installed on a computer against user`s will, though it has its own official webpage where anyone can download it. You are strongly recommended to be careful when installing or surfing the Internet to avoid accidental or intentional installation of such malicious programs.

    How to get rid of Ads by Counterflix Virus virus

    To manually remove this, you must be aware of what you are going to do.
    1: Go to Control Panel and find the Programs and Feature or Uninstall Programs wizard.
    Inside the programs list, find out any suspicious browser add on, toolbar and click Uninstall.

    2: Now go to your web browser`s settings (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer).
    Navigate to Extensions and also to Plugins and then Uninstall any suspicious or unknown file that you did not intentionally install.

    3: Open Documents and Settings folder (Usually Located in C: or windows installation drive), remove/delete any folder or files linked to Ads by Counterflix Virus

    Automatic Removal

    To remove this malware automatically, Following tools are best:


    Anti-Malware + Anti-Spyware for free. 1 User 3 PC’s for $39.95.

    Download SurfRight Malware Removal tool here.